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Due to the ongoing concerns over COVID-19, and in an effort to keep everyone safe and healthy, all group activities at the 22 Wing Fitness & Wellness Centre, including Aikido, have been cancelled until further notice.
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Derived from the samurai fighting art of Aikijutsu of ancient Japan, Aikido is termed the “Modern Martial Art” because it places an emphasis on the development of harmony and cooperation rather than competition and the violent subduing of opponents.

Due to its very effective but non-violent nature, Aikido is a martial art that provides a powerful form of self-defence. Purely defensive, techniques in Aikido are not use for the purpose of attack.


The 22 Wing North Bay Aikido Club is located on the main gym floor (behind the dividing wall) of the Fitness, Sports and Recreation Center complex at 22 Wing / CFB North Bay, North Bay, Ontario.

For all ages!

Aikido is great for people of all ages. Our Junior class is available for children ages 6 to 13.

New Members

During class, new members are assisted by black belt and senior student instructors where attention is focused on basic movements, techniques, safe ways of falling (breakfalls), and dojo etiquette.


There are currently two Black Belt instructors, as well as several assistant instructors. The Aikido Club also maintains a close relationship with several other Aikido Dojos in the province of Ontario and all black belt instructors are registered and licensed by AYF (Aikido Yoshinkai Foundation) and the Hombu (Headquarters) Dojo in Tokyo, Japan.