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  Anteikan Dojo
Photo of René Knight Sensei
René Knight Sensei
René Knight Sensei has been the head instructor at the Anteikan Dojo since July 2004, following the departure of Danny Ervin Sensei. René Sensei was one of the very first of Danny Sensei's students at the 22 Wing North Bay Aikido Club. René served as personal uke for Danny much of the time and eventually took on the responsibility of teaching classes whenever Danny wasn't available.

In May of 2005, at the Yoshinkan Aikido 50th Anniversary kenshu held in Georgetown, Ontario, René Sensei officially registered the dojo with the Aikido Yoshinkai Foundation (AYF). The dojo was given the name "Anteikan" by Yasushisa Shioda Sensei (Gozo Shioda's son). In English the name Anteikan translates to "Stable Home".

22 Wing North Bay Aikido Club Photo of Danny Ervin Sensei
Danny Ervin Sensei
The 22 Wing North Bay Aikido Club was originally founded by Danny Ervin Sensei in 2001. Danny Sensei began his Aikido training in 1995 at the Buseikan Dojo, CFB Borden, Ontario. Through the years, he has trained and gained valuable experience from such teachers as Steve Nickerson Sensei and Terrence Cooper Sensei, achieving the rank of 2nd kyu prior to founding the 22 Wing North Bay Aikido Club. Danny Sensei's teaching method, enthusiasm, and cheerful attitude established the groundwork for the club as it exists today. Today, Danny Sensei trains out of the Uplands Aikido dojo located in Ottawa, Ontario.

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