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North American Yoshinkan Aikido Links
Aiki Budo Center - London, Ontario - Jaimie Sheppard Sensei
Aikido Yoshinkai Burnaby - Robert Mustard Sensei
Aikido Yoshinkan Yoseikai - Amos Lee Parker Shihan
Seidokan Dojo - Georgetown, Ontario - Jim Stewart Sensei
Sendokan Dojo - Mississauga, Ontario - Nic Mills Sensei
Shinbukan Dojo - Victoria, BC - Fred Haynes Sensei
Japanese Yoshinkan Links
Aikido Yoshinkai Foundation (AYF) - Honbu Dojo
Aikido Yoshinkan Seiseikai - Terada Kiyoyuki Hanshi
Aikido Yoshinkan Seiseikai Yokohama-Aoba - Matsuo Masazumi Shihan
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Aikido Yoshinkai Foundation (AYF) - Dojo List
AikiWeb - Aikido Dojo Search Engine
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Aikido Flickr Group
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22 Wing North Bay, Ontario, Canada
22 Wing North Bay, Personnel Support Programs
City of North Bay
Japanese↔English Dictionary
Jim Breen's WWWJDIC Japanese-English Dictionary Server
Takase Studios - Names in Japanese - Learn Japanese

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