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22 Wing North Bay Yoshinkan Aikido Club
The Anteikan Dojo is a military club at 22 Wing / Canadian Forces Base North Bay. Members of the Canadian Forces, reservists, DND Personnel employed at 22 Wing / CFB North Bay and their families are always welcome to join our ranks (see Regular Members). Civilians interested in joining will be accepted on a first come, first served basis when openings are available (see table below for most recent status of openings).

We encourage and welcome all interested individuals to come out and either watch, or participate in a class! We also invite any Aikido student visiting or vacationing in the North Bay area to come join in our regularly scheduled classes. There are no drop-in or mat fees!

Please feel free to contact René Knight Sensei to find out about openings or to get on the waiting list to become a member. All inquiries are welcome!

Dojo Location
Main Gym Floor
22 Wing Fitness and Wellness Centre
22 Wing / CFB North Bay

Sterling Ave & Market St
Hornell Heights, ON
P0H 1P0

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Payment Options
Payment frequency Approximate Discount Period 1 Memberhip Type
Regular Members Ordinary/Associate
with RAM 2
without RAM 2
Monthly Regular Price Monthly $15 $17 $20
Quarterly 5% off January - March $43 $48 $57
April - June $43 $48 $57
July - September 3 $29 $32 $38
October - December $43 $48 $57
Semi-Annually 10% off April - September 3 $68 $77 $90
October - March $81 $92 $108
Annually 15% off April - March 3 $140 $159 $187
1. To simplify club accounting, all above payments options are based on the Fiscal Year (April to March) and occur on the fixed periods indicated.
2. The Recreation Association Membership (RAM) refers to the gym membership for the 22 Wing Fitness and Wellness Centre. Please speak with 22 Wing gym front desk staff for more information.
3. As an added benefit, July and August are included at 2 months for the price 1, due to a reduced summer schedule.
Membership Types
Regular Members
  • Canadian Forces members: Currently serving Regular and Reserve Force personnel and their families;
  • Members of Foreign Military currently serving with the CAF and their families
  • Veterans (Former members of the CAF who have successfully completed Basic Military training and have been honorably discharged) and their families
Ordinary Members
  • Current DND Public Servants, Staff of NPF, Staff of MFRC's, Staff of DRDC and DCC, and their families
  • Serving RCMP and their families
  • Currently-serving Honorary Colonels/Captains (N) and Honorary Lieutenant-Colonels/Commanders, and their families
  • Former Staff of NPF receiving a pension and their families
  • Former RCMP in receipt of an annuity and their families
Associate Members
  • General Public

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