Aikido Yoshinkan

Membership Information

The Anteikan Dojo is a military club at 22 Wing / Canadian Forces Base North Bay. Members of the Canadian Forces, reserves, DND Personnel employed at 22 Wing / CFB North Bay and their families are always welcome to join our ranks. Civilians interested in joining will be accepted on a first come, first served basis when openings are available.

We encourage and welcome all interested individuals to come out and either watch, or participate in a class! We also invite any Aikido student visiting or vacationing in the North Bay area to come join in our regularly scheduled classes. There are no facility drop-in fees or mat fees for visitors!

Beginner students are not required to purchase an Aikido Dogi (uniform) when they start. We recommend wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt.

Please feel free to contact René Knight Sensei to find out about openings or to get on the list to become a member. All inquiries are welcome!

Annual Membership Dues

$5 per year

Every adult member, or parent, is required to pay the annual fee. This qualifies the member and their dependents access to training, as well as a vote at club meetings.

Monthly Training Fee

The training fee must be paid for each student who will participate on the mats in the given month.
  • This fee is due at the first available training day of the month.
  • The months of July and August count as a single month due to a reduced training schedule of one class per week.
"Regular" - $15 / month
  • Canadian Armed Forces members: Currently serving Regular and Reserve Force personnel and their families;
  • Members of Foreign Military currently serving with the CAF, and their families
  • Veterans (former members of the CAF who have successfully completed Basic Military training and have been honorably discharged), and their families
"Ordinary" - $17 / month
  • Current DND Public Servants, Staff of NPF, Staff of MFRC's, Staff of DRDC and DCC, and their families
  • Serving RCMP and their families
  • Currently-serving Honorary Colonels/Captains (N) and Honorary Lieutenant-Colonels/Commanders, and their families
  • Former Staff of NPF receiving a pension and their families
  • Former RCMP in receipt of an annuity and their families
"Associate" - $20 / month
  • General Public