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2006 - News & Updates
Monday November 6th, 2006
  • René Knight Sensei and all those in attendance would once again like to thank Danny Ervin Sensei for gracing us with his presence. We all had a blast! (Photos of the event to come)
  • Shawn Moreton has put together a video of the Amos Parker Shihan - Northern Gasshuku. It is now available on the Gallery page.
Thursday October 19th, 2006
  • René Knight Sensei and the Anteikan Dojo would like to congratulate Zak French on achieving his 8th Kyu, yellow belt.
  • Two videos by Shawn Moreton are now up in the Gallery.
Saturday October 14th, 2006
Aikido DVDs and sports bag now available from the Catalogue.
Thursday October 5th, 2006
Added images of the Wing Welcome to the photo gallery page.
Monday September 18th, 2006
The Wing Welcome demo went well! René Sensei would like to thank all those who helped and/or participated in the demonstration. Pictures of the event will follow.
Monday September 11th, 2006
Added images of the August 27th kenshu at the Buseikan Dojo, CFB Borden, to the photo gallery page.
Monday September 4th, 2006
The kids class will officially resume this Friday, September 8th.
Friday August 18th, 2006
After being shuffled around the racquetball and squash courts, we're finally back up in the gym. We will be storing the mats in the mezzanine area above the racquetball and squash courts until further notice. René Sensei would appreciate for all who are able, to come help put out the mats before class.
Tuesday August 1st, 2006
Due to problems with the Rec Center's "new" gym floor, we've been forced back down into the racket ball court. The current estimated timeframe for the gym floor issues to be resolved is September.
Sunday July 12th, 2006

As of this time, junior classes have been cancelled on Friday nights for the Summer and will resume in September. Adult classes will now run from 6pm to 8:30pm on Friday nights.

René Knight Sensei and the Anteikan Dojo would like to congratulate the following students on achieving their next belt:

  • Luc - 3rd Kyu Brown Belt
  • Alain - 5th Kyu Blue Belt
  • Barb - 7th Kyu Orange Belt
  • Ryan - 8th Kyu Yellow Belt
Sunday June 25th, 2006
Images of the Amos Parker Shihan - Northern Gasshuku are up in the photo gallery. Note, all classes the night of Friday June 30th have been cancelled for the long weekend.
Wednesday June 14th, 2006
On behalf of the Anteikan Dojo, and all others in attendance, I would like to thank Amos Parker Shihan for a great training seminar this past weekend! We learned a lot and had a lot of fun! We would also like to thank Jaimie Sheppard Sensei of the Aiki Budo Centre in London for his assistance with the event and Jim Murray Sensei of the Buseikan Dojo in Borden for the use of their tatamis.

- René Knight
Monday June 5th, 2006
  • Friday night's regular classes, both the kids and adults, are cancelled due to the Amos Parker Shihan - Northern Gasshuku, taking place at Odyssey Public School. Any students who have not registered are welcome to register at the door.
  • Lunch on Saturday will be served at the Noodle House. Only $4.99 per dish! See the Amos Parker page for more information.
  • The Anteikan Dojo website has officially moved to it's own domain: Please update your bookmarks!
  • For Anteikan Dojo members only. If you're interested in having an email address, please email Luc at: Note there are two options for email:
    1. A forwarding email address. This option will simply send all emails received at the address to a personal email address. In this case, to send an email from your address, you would need to set up your email application to fake it (Mozilla Thunderbird allows for this, other applications may not).
    2. An mailbox. This lets you both send and receive email through either a web-based email application or from your own email program (MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc). However, these mailboxes have a 10 megabyte storage limit.
Thursday April 13th, 2006
  • Classes will officially be back in the gym as of next Tuesday, April 18th.
  • Friday night's class is cancelled for Good Friday.
  • Added the Flier and Registration Form PDF files to the Amos Parker page, as well as updated some information.
  • I've made a few minor updates to the site (behind the scenes). I'm trying something a little different/better. If anyone notices anything that looks different or wrong (there shouldn't be), please let me know.
  • Changed the image on the Home page. Thanks to Shawn Moreton for the image!
Tuesday March 17th, 2006
René Knight Sensei and the Anteikan Dojo would like to congratulate the following students on achieving their next belt:
  • Jeff Seguin - 8th Kyu Yellow Belt
  • Seth Dinsmore - 6th Kyu Green Belt
  • Shawn Moreton - 4th Kyu Blue Belt
Tuesday March 7th, 2006
Our junior class testing syllabus (9th to 6th kyu) is now available in our Student Resources section. These pages should also be printer friendly (depending on your web browser, read: Thursday February 9th, 2006).
Saturday February 11th, 2006
René Knight Sensei and the Anteikan Dojo would like to congratulate Barb Nault on achieving her 8th Kyu, yellow belt.
Thursday February 9th, 2006
All Student Resources pages are now Printer Friendly (NOTE: pages not in the Student Resources section may not currently be printer friendly). They have been tested and print correctly on Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer 6. There is no guarantee that they will print out correctly on other browsers or older versions of the two mentionned. To be on the safe side, please use your browser's Print Preview option (usually found in the File menu) before you print!

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