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  Aikido Yoshinkan

Soke Gozo Shioda
1915 - 1994
The Yoshinkan 'House for Cultivating the Spirit' was founded after World War Two by Soke Gozo Shioda. This style of aikido is occasionally called the "hard style" because the training methods are a product of the gruelling period Soke Shioda spent as a student of Morihei Ueshiba O'Sensei. Yoshinkan Aikido has some 150 basic techniques which are practiced repeatedly, these enable the student to master the remaining ones, which total some 3000 overall.

Yoshinkan Aikido is not a sport. Aikido is the development and strengthening of the body and mind, and the practical side of Aikido must never be forgotten. However, Aikido is for all, irrespective of age, sex, race or culture.

The emphasis in Yoshinkan Aikido is on the study of basic movements and techniques. Detailed step-by-step instruction provides an understanding of the whole technique as well as its composite parts, exploring the mystery of how a partnerís attack can be redirected without strength.

Yoshinkan Aikido is now taught around the world. It is the only recognized martial art taught to the Tokyo Riot Police and Women's Branch of the Tokyo Police Force.

Aikido Yoshinkai Foundation (AYF)
In October 1989, Shioda Sensei launched the International Yoshinkai Aikido Federation, with the aim of supporting the growth and teaching of Aikido on a worldwide basis. The IYAF embodies the aikido principles of harmony, cooperation and respect within an organisation. Certified instructors have equal rights to grade their students and to receive certificates for coloured and black belts from the Hombu Dojo (World Headquarters) in Japan.

In 2008, the International Yoshinkai Aikido Federation was officially renamed to the Aikido Yoshinkai Foundation (AYF).


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